Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Musings: Still SMH

Lately, I've read a few things that left me SMH.....

Like this Instagram posted by defeated Kauai mayoral candidate, MMA fighter and anti-GMO activist Dustin Barca:
OMG. Now the poor guy actually believes he's kanaka. I've heard of “Hawaiian by injection,” but I don't think even that would explain Dustin's transformation.

I especially liked the comment by nicoblue: "not even a Native and I feel your pain."
That's OK, nico. Dustin isn't a Native either. Not that he bothered to correct the misperception, since he's actually trying to foster it. Because this way he gets way more likes than when he writes something "ill," but real:
Then there was Richard L. Turner's asinine guest commentary in today's The Garden Island, where he writes about the dinner he would host with Pierre Omidyar, Jeff Stone and Mark Zuckerberg if he were mayor, which thankfully he is not:

Pierre here are 100 letters to The Garden Island and many studies about the effects the [Mahaulepu] dairy farm you propose will have on the land and people of Kauai. The island is against it, as it will cause pollution of the land and ocean. The smells will be terrible and cause people and business to move, land prices to drop, and tourism to be hurt badly. Please move it to Oahu.

Ah yes. Here we have an example of an echo-chamber existence and NIMBY-ism at its worst. From a Princeville resident, no less. It reminds me of a woman who posted an article recently on Facebook about the damage that 700 dairy farms in Washington are supposedly causing to the coast there in order to justify her opposition to one dairy here.

So are you against all dairies, I asked her, or only the one at Mahaulepu? Oh, only that one, she replied.

Because it's perfectly OK if other places get messed up, so long as Kauai remains pristine (though it actually hasn't been that for centuries now). Just make sure to keep shipping over all those dairy products and everything else, though.

And then there was the Surfrider member who was miffed that Hawaii Dairy Farms and Grove Farm made no effort to stop some guys from wearing tee-shirts that others found offensive: 
It's perfectly all right for the anti-dairy folks to talk complete shit, even make stuff up, but the minute their opponents exercise their own First Amendment rights, why it's hate speech, racist slurs that must be stifled and stopped.

Sorry, but it doesn't work that way.

Speaking of talking shit, I was dismayed at TGI's piece on Mina Morita's resignation as PUC Chair, which played up her illegal B&B, even though that actually had nothing to do with her decision to leave her post. I and many others are grateful for your years of service, Mina.

We're not so grateful for Councilman Gary Hooser's idiotic smoke-banning billProsecutor Justin Kollar, in testimony he'll be presenting to the Council today, points out that enforcement could be tough:

The Draft Bill criminalizes the release of smoke or particulate matter into the atmosphere when that release causes harm to the health of another. Therefore, three separate facts must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in order to achieve a conviction; first, that the smoke or particulate matter was knowingly, intentionally, or recklessly released from a particular source, second, that it was inhaled by another person, and third, that the smoke or particulate matter caused harm to the health of another.

As to the inhalation and resultant damage to the health of the purported victim of the offense, it would be necessary to engage medical and health experts to prove the element of causation.

Poor Justin. Still enslaved to the archaic rule of law, when in the world of Gary Hooser and his fistee followers, no facts or elements of causation must be proven in order to convict. You just point and blame and bam, they're guilty. 

It worked in Gary's campaign against the seed companies, with hundreds, if not thousands, of dolts willing to sacrifice due process in order to destroy what they consider evil.

Get with it, Justin. Proof is passe. Allegations are sufficient, cost is no issue and enforcement isn't important.

Donchaknow the only thing that matters is getting the bill passed, and Gary's name in print?


Chuck Lasker said...

I once saw a very expensive luxury car in Princeville, driven by a haole who "lives" here a month or two a year, with a "FREE HAWAII" bumper sticker. Got a laugh out of that one.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that our elected officials (Hooser) will spend (waste?) valuable time (their own and that of constituents) on issues that, in the "big picture" appear to be trivial. (Smoke pollution? How ya gonna enforce that one, when we can't even support enough dam and elevator inspectors in this state/county?)

I'd rather have my elected representatives making noise and progress with the state about some of the major impact issues to Kauai:
- TRAFFIC (the twice-daily Kapaa/Eastside glut is a perpetual joke and talk to your commuting Westside neighbor about backups to Halfway Bridge!),
- DECENT COMMUNITY/NEIGHBORHOOD RESOURCES (why-the-heck is it an impossible mission to get clean/working/suitable restrooms and support structures at our main visitor and neighborhood draw areas? Don't even get started on the bus "shelters" - or lack thereof!)

Yes, we're not the mainland, but we're also not Podunk-ville. Many communities of similar size and demographics have successfully addressed these and other quality-of-life issues.

The squeaky wheel DOES get greased.....why aren't these council members making WEEKLY inquiries/voicemails/emails/etc. to the SOH, DOT, and other officials with whom they work? Let's impact THEIR priorities by making them OUR priorities.

Anonymous said...

Let's get seriously here folks. In Lihue daily there's poisonous gases being released and it's killing us all. When the Jets lift off that jet fumes overwhelms me to a point that I have to sit down and catch my breath, it's to a point that I'm ill. We have to stop this poisonous gases. Think about it! We fine the helicopter and plane companies daily. And it's for the safety and we'll being for our kids. These poisonous gases really fit the bill. NICE!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you jealous of Barca or something seems like you hate on him so much. Give the young man some credit right or wrong at least he is standing up for something he believes in! Maybe you should just stick to vacation rentals your getting to personal. I wonder if you ran for mayor how much votes you would get?

Anonymous said...

Barca and his popularity with certain groups here is bizarre, So is him billing himself a kanaka and the kanaka that buy into all of it. As someone born and raised here, I cringed at how many of my peers blindly supported him. However most of them limited their understanding of political issues and candidates to Instagram, Facebook posts and word of mouth. -Not bothering to actually read bills or do their own research to understand both sides of the issues.

Anonymous said...

There are many in Barca's generation: young people, who DO speak their minds...and more...actually ACT to improve what they speak of and believe. And they do it without a soap box, without an arena and audience. Unfortunately, Barca has shown that he can talk the talk ( stretching the truth to his liking), but he is FAR from being able to walk the walk. An audience on Farcebook does not legitimize what you say, Barca. Never has, and never will.

Dawson said...

OMG. Now the poor guy actually believes he's kanaka. I've heard of “Hawaiian by injection,” but I don't think even that would explain Dustin's transformation.

He was strapped into a chair, his eyelids taped open, and forced to watch 200 hours of Don Ho videos.

Anonymous said...

I think "Hawaiian by injection" is most apt for him. LOL!!! (oops!)

Anonymous said...

Hooser and Dog Barc must be Nazi's because it's the same tactics that the Nazi's used against the jews. Isn't this proof enough? It apparently is in their book. Her Hooser und Barca, Sieg Heil!

Anonymous said...

Well, Hooser and the rest of the former (failed) Council have done nothing about the real, the material issues that effect us every day like traffic, affordable housing, homelessness, etc. So like true populists they make up issues so they can write laws to solve these bogus items and convince their less than thoughtful followers that they're actually doing something. Idiots leading idiots.

Dawson said...

12:48 PM wrote:
So like true populists they make up issues so they can write laws to solve these bogus items and convince their less than thoughtful followers that they're actually doing something. Idiots leading idiots.

Exactly right, except for one thing -- Hooser and his ilk are not populists, they're demagogues who take populist positions for their own self-aggrandizement.

Anonymous said...

Mahalo, Dawson!

Anonymous said...

It's unbelievable! Kauai is attracting every single nut out there. Now we need to import some squirrels for nut control.

Anonymous said...

But the county has doubled in size from just over 700 employees to more than 1500 county of Kauai welfare recipients.

They want a raise also- Are you fricking serious.... You fuctard inbreeds.

You tell me why they shut down the museum street?

Fricking Insane!!!!!

Robert Zelkovsky said...

The meeting was not at Koloa Community Center or such but at a private home. Jay & Eileen were asked by Aha Moku to host the event. They provided their home, food, refreshments and rented chairs. Wearing those -shirts into someone's home, first amendment, sure. Poor taste, definitely. And no Surfrider member (that I am aware of) has written anything public showing he/she was "miffed".

Anonymous said...

The Council Chair can take care of the Da Hoos alarming "smoke bill" quickly.
Mel is no clown and to have Gary try to turn the Council into his own three ring circus may bring out a sharp side of our normally good-natured Chair.
I see that "I never had a job, where's my Welfare" nuisance, Andy Parx is questioning Da Hoos' incestuous relationship with HAPA. Da Hoos says that since he do not make no dough that it is OK for him to vote on HAPA related issues. But Da Hoos and JoAnn will grill Arryl on land and tax issues.
Arryl and Gary should both be put on the Ethics Commission and County Attorney agenda.
I believe that Arryl will always put Kauai first. Kauai as an island and the island's people, first. His GF employment won't influence his love and care for the island.
Da Hoos, on the other hand, has shown his disrespect for the law, the people and his fellow Council members on a regular basis.
HAPA has an agenda. HAPA is aligned with powerful mainland groups. Da Hoos has always shown that he aspires for great heights. HAPA is but a stepping stone for Da Hoos to catapult himself to a larger stage as the romantic stud who brought the world " the li'l island that could" and a "milyun l'il fistees". All he has to do is to lose a little weight, wipe that perpetual smirk of his mug and continue his obsequious obedience to his Mainland masters. They can use a tool like Da Hoos.
All a person has to do is take a little walk through Da Hoos' political history, the lies he has told and the relationships he has shattered in his quest for greatness.
Fact- How in the world could a former Senate leader and big shot Environmental Apparatchik have so few friends and no influence with the State? These State big wigs found out that Da Hoos was and is only for Da Hoos, and promises, commitments and integrity mean nothing.
Shucks Ma'am, I think I'll just go smoke a Fatee and hope my neighbors asthma don't kick in. But, at least, I don't have to worry about Da Hoos bogarting da joint.

Anonymous said...

Going to someone's home wearing that shirt shows no class.

Anonymous said...

The ever tightening noose around our necks. For our own good, of course.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Going to someone's home wearing that shirt shows no class.

January 14, 2015 at 10:16 PM

Going to someone's house, ahem island, and telling them what development they can and cannot have is ALSO in bad taste.

But I digress, it's a matter of freedom of speech. If that person was not allowed to wear that shirt to an event on PRIVATE property because it is offensive, then anyone protesting with angry and inflammatory statements/accusations on banners, large signs, loud speakers, and T-SHIRTS!!! on PUBLIC property should also be prohibited if someone finds their message to be 'offensive'. Those accusations and statements made without solid scientific or factual evidence, I believe to be especially offensive.

So while you SHOULD use your First Amendment rights, please think about how you try to advocate your message (to both sides) and let calm be the rule of thumb when you do decide to take your advocacy to the people of Kauai.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Kauai were racism masks as native pride and is the driving force of the Hawaiian sovereignty movement. Joan, you are otherwise a straight shooter but seem to be an apologist for the assholes who make up the majority of the sovereignty movement. Just not very nice people.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joan, I've been reading your blogs. most i disagree with...the only thing i agree with you is the issue of construction and vacation rentals. allegedly you're against GMO's but against can't be both. it's impossible. since you're clearly pro -gmo then you should just come out and say you're pro pesticides.
another thing..if you're against smells from fecal matter etc, and against the ban on smoke, etc..i hope you get some neighbors that blow tons of smoke from fires every day straight into your lungs and house. burning dog shit is a lovely smell. i hope you enjoy. have a nice day.
let's see how quick you become a nimby

Joan Conrow said...

It's not impossible at all to be against pesticides and for GMO, since many GMO applications have nothing to do with pesticides and others, like Bt crops, result in reduced pesticide use. Given the rest of your comment, you're obviously a very close-minded, mean-spirited and downright nasty person, like so many in the anti GMO camp. Great advertisement for your causes!