Sunday, July 12, 2015

Musings: Here Kitty, Kitty Part III

The Garden Island again today did what it does best: gobble up a special interest point of view and regurgitate it as “news” to unsuspecting readers.

Specifically, I'm referencing the “Toast to Cats” puff piece by Brittany Lyte. She paints the Kauai Community Cat Project in glowing terms, with no reference to the group's vicious cyber bullying of Kauai Humane Society Director Penny Cistaro, much less the native bird deaths caused by feral cats or their terrible suffering in the wild.

 Endangered ‘Alae ‘ula killed by cat.
It's unclear why anyone would attend the fundraiser of a group that sponsors a Facebook page calling Penny a monster and murderer because she manages an agency that has the unpleasant duty of euthanizing the island's unwanted dogs and cats.

Oh, and btw, folks, KKCR is listed as “liking” that page, too. Is this the sort of bullying behavior you want your community-funded radio to support? [Correction: KKCR did not like that page. That page liked KKCR, perhaps because programmer Jonathan Jay hosted a talk show attacking Penny and KHS.] 

And does TGI endorse this sort of action by giving KCCP (formerly Kauai Ferals) such prominent and fawning coverage? 

I see that Geoffrey Culverhouse from Ching Young Village, Wyndham Bali Hai Villas, Kapaa Animal Clinic, Paradise Animal Clinic and Banana Patch Studios are listed as friends of KCCP. Curt Last and Mark Hurt are also big supporters. Do they all endorse the group's cyber bullying and defamation of Penny?

Yet despite the ugliness and unfairness of its actions, KCCP claims to be “fighting the good fight,” as so many fanatics do.

KCCP says it has spent $80,000 annually over the past three years to care for just 510 cats, which comes out to $156 per cat. So they would need $2.4 million to $3.1 million each year to minimally manage the estimated 15,000 to 20,000 cats on Kauai. And even then, they couldn't physically or logistically do it, especially since their volunteer corps hasn't grown.

The group also spent $1,000 to send eight kittens to the mainland — because of course the mainland has no stray kittens of its own to tend.

Such is the delusional nature of the feral cat folks.

Still, it was revealing that group leader Basil Scott admits:

KCCP spends about $50 on each cat that it traps, spays or neuters and returns to a managed feral cat colony. Cats deemed suitable for adoption typically cost the organization $100, though those with medical needs can cost several hundred dollars.

Yet they expect Kauai Humane Society to spay-neuter feral cats for free, and adopt them out for cheap, like that organization doesn't also incur expenses for the same activities.

Meanwhile, in the real world, feral cats killed at least 252 birds in the Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge between January 2012 and December 2014, according to the Fish and Wildlife Service. Some 94% of these were endangered species. This level of killing occurred even with active cat trapping in the refuge.

The report further states:

Since surveys were designed to detect botulism-intoxicated birds, not cat or owl kills (e.g., in brush), the numbers are biased low and toward dikes and open areas, and thus, conservatively interpreted.

Can you imagine what's happening in the backcountry, where there is no trapping?

Taro farmers in the refuge face serious fines and consequences if their activities harm endangered water birds. 

Yet the feral cat supporters who want to maintain these wild cat colonies, and support them through feeding, including face no consequences for any of their actions.

Isn't it time to hold the feral cat folks — and their supporters — accountable for their words and deeds? If they want to spay and neuter wild cats, fine. But why must they try to destroy Penny and KHS, and allow the killing of endangered native birds, in the process?


Anonymous said...

Yes it is time Joan. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Joan. You have gone too far.
The GI is a thought provoking newspaper, that keeps the Kauai people informed of all important events. Their coverage of Cats, Protests and Puff pieces is exemplary.
The GI a few years ago made a commitment, to never really let the folks know what is going on politically.
They do issue-du-jour feel good puff pieces. Balance is never tolerated.
They are absolutely sure to post any photo of their favorite Politician. Gary Hooser. JoAnn is a quick second. Only retouched photos may be used.
And then you go on saying that the bird-killing Cat Lovers are having a function at the Beer Company. The intrigue is exhausting. The Beer Company is where all Planning Policies and approvals are made. Beer and Politicians, on decrepit Rice Street, where these Planners want to turn Rice Street (on command from the Beer Brewer) into a little Carmel. Oh to be on the stool after a couple of brewskis as these hi-paid increasingly powerful geniuses plan the future of the island.

Cats, Cars and Beer. I hope the beer addled Cat Lovers don't have their karmas drive over our dogmas. But my dogma is on leash.

On another note...your Blog seems to cover most of the important political stories. How do you do it? Thank you for your work and hopefully together we can get some money to KHS. The powerful few are controlling the future of this needed facility.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time TGI had a crime story? The Hanalei Pier stuff? What is going on over there? It's puff pieces and awful headlines. Even the council coverage has been spotty at best

Anonymous said...

Joan are you really counting the "likes" and "friends" on facebook as legitimate criteria as to who is supporting what and who? Judging and criticizing someone for clicking "like" on a facebook story? Sheesh.

Joan Conrow said...

No, if you follow the link I provide you will see that I am identifying those who chose to be called friends of KCCP and have their businesses listed on the website. I am also counting those who liked a specific FB page, not just a post, which does indicate tacit support for a group, cause and cyber attack page. Should KKCR, for example, be liking specific pages without the support and/or agreement of those who fund the radio station, especially a cyber attack page?

Anonymous said...

I manage KKCR's Facebook page. We did not "like" "Kauai's cat community, awareness & education" page.

I think you may be confused. They liked our page - we have no control over what they do. It clearly states "LIKED BY THIS PAGE" not "Pages that like this page". Please correct your post.

Laura Christine
Office Assistant
KKCR, Kaua`i Community Radio

Joan Conrow said...

Thank you, Laura Christine. I stand corrected, and have corrected the post.

I'm glad to hear that KKCR did not support that page, but still disappointed that Jonathan Jay hosted a show where he called Penny names and spread misinformation about her and KHS.

Anonymous said...

Joan you are off base on this one. You are sounding like the thought police. I can "like" a group or an organization or even a media Facebook page, yet not agree or support everything they do or stand for or post. Me thinks you are too eager to attack and doing so on the basis of "likes" is not reasonable.

Joan Conrow said...

You can "like" whatever you want. But if you "like" what is clearly a social media attack page, don't be surprised if people think poorly of you for doing so.

Anonymous said...

An employer has the right not to hire you based on your Facebook likes.

Anonymous said...

TGI is a piece of crap paper. Hawaii News Now reports 100X better news about Kauai than that over priced tourist feel good garbage TGI calls a NEWSPAPER.

Heck you can find 1000X better news and stories on this blog than that so called Kauai paper.

No wonder they are getting rid of journalism classes at KCC. Journalism itself has gone to sewage. Everyday they have 5 or more articles on the Kardashits/Jenders, these no talent fame whores are a fricking waste.

Nature Advocate said...

Approximately 15,000 to 20,000 cats, you say?

Let's do a 1-year population growth projection (using calculus) on 17,500 stray cats (50% female) using their average reproductive rate of 5 per litter and breeding 2X's per year, with only a 60% survival rate of all adults and offsping, to be fair. (MOST will unnaturally breed 3 or 4 times a year, but let's not scare you TOO much.)

In one year you'll have an ending population of approximately 141,750 feral-cats to contend with. (For a rough estimate, you can, for all intents and purposes, figure that any cat population of X amount will increase by nearly 10X per year by using these 50% female, average 5 per litter, 60% survival of all adults and offspring variables -- if you want to forgo all the calculus involved. And mind you this is with them breeding only 2X per year, not 3X or 4X, which is more typical today. So even then this is a low low estimate.)

This means an overall average of 340+ cats are being born PER DAY from the present 17,500 stray-cat population. Keeping in mind this is with them breeding only 2X's per year - not the 3 or 4 times that is more typical today of this invasive man-made species.

If you can't trap and sterilize them at this DAILY RATE, 7-DAYS A WEEK, then you won't be doing a thing to slow their breeding rate. If you CAN trap and sterilize that many per day, then you must sustain this rate INTO PERPETUITY. At a TNR cost per cat averaging about $140 across the planet (by donation, volunteer, or outright cash) of community resources, diverted/stolen/conned by TNR-advocates' lies and deceptions. Resources conned from your communities valued at $47,600.00 PER DAY, or $17,374,000.00 PER YEAR -- INTO PERPETUITY. (Yes, you read that right. Over 17 $MILLION per year, into perpetuity.)

All that time, money, and resources diverted from your community to keep invasive-species cats barely alive and suffering to death so they can then exploit them in the media to line their own pockets with more "suffering cat" donations. (I.e. TNR practitioners' inhumane "death by attrition" system; or with cats fighting-to-the-death for territory to see who wins, no different than people who run criminal dog-fights and land in jail for years, paying hefty fines as well. Sub-human veterinarians benefiting from all those barely-surviving losers in this TNR con-game.)


That's the real world.

Whereas, I solved a many many hundreds of cats problem PERMANENTLY; in only 2 seasons of my time, for 1/3rd-cent PER CAT, total cost less than the price of a couple cups of coffee for a problem of hundreds of cats. Each cat vaccinated against ALL of their 3dozen+ deadly zoonotic diseases (for which some of the most deadly that cats spread don't even have vaccines against them and are therefor listed as bio-terrorism agents), each cat sterilized so they can no-longer reproduce, and each cat also given a permanent "loving furever home" (2-3 ft. under) so they can no longer destroy anymore of our valuable native wildlife. At THREE CATS PER PENNY. This was accomplished with 5,000 rounds of .22s bought on a closeout sale for only $15, with plenty left-over should anyone so be astoundingly stupid to start-up their outdoor cat-hoarding hobby in the area ever again. I've not seen even ONE cat in over five years now (so much for that deceptive and manipulative "vacuum effect" lie and myth that they continue to spew to fools). Where before there were literally hundreds of them torturing-to-death all the native wildlife on my lands. NOBODY in my area lets their cats roam free anymore. To do so means certain death for their cat -- within hours. They all finally grew-up into being responsible pet-owners and respectable humans -- at long last.

Win, win, win, win -- all around!

Nature Advocate said...

Here's yet another one of the important reasons why TNR is an abject failure everywhere it has been tried and why LESS THAN 0.4% of all feral cats have been TNR'ed in any area that TNR has been practiced. (A finding of my own from gleaning data from over 100 of the most "successful" TNR programs worldwide. I have a very good reason why I use the moniker of "TNR Researcher", LOL!)

There are at most, only ~70,000 people worldwide that are actively promoting and practicing TNR. How do I know this? "Alley Cat ALL LIES" Facebook site had only 50,000-70,000 supporters for over a decade. Until a year ago from February when "Alley Cat ALL LIES" found-out about hiring "click-farms" and buying "fake like" software for Facebook to increase their "likes" at a steady rate of 1,000 new fake-likes per day since then to give the public perception that they have approximately 315,000 more followers today. All those new "likes" for the last 1.5 years can truly be discounted.

So let us take that truer ~70,000 supporter count. That is from a worldwide audience. If you take the earth's population being 7,000,000,000 people, that's only 0.001% of the world's population -- one 1000th of a percent. But that's not fair, because not everyone is on Facebook. So let us take the population of Facebook and do the same. And just for shîťś & giggles, let's use the "fake-like" total count of "Alley Cat ALL LIES" too.

There are 1.4 BILLION active Facebook users. "Alley Cat ALL LIES" (falsely) claims that they have about 385,000 followers today (when the actual number is closer to 60,000-70,000).

385,000 people is only 0.0275% of Facebook's total user count. This means that only 0.0275% of the population believe as they do. (And mind you, that is with including all their "fake likes". If we take the true TNR supporter count of approximately 70,000 worldwide, then that's only 0.005% of Facebook's users.)

That's what the internet can do today. It can amplify the deranged minds of less than 3 hundredths of 1% (or to be honest, less than 5 THOUSANDTHS of 1%) into the global ecological disaster that we face today, causing nothing but death and suffering for all the animals on earth, cat and native wildlife included -- because they refuse to stop their cats from destroying every living thing while they also relentlessly cyber-stalk and cyber-bully every official into allowing this TNR catastrophe into everyone's lives. (Their manipulative multimillion-dollar per year, animal-torturing, con-artist game for donations, added-in with their relentless cyber-stalking and cyber-bulling tactics to promote TNR anywhere and everywhere is actually called "racketeering". Any lawyers for the feds paying attention? :-) )

This dismal percentage of those supporting TNR, barely able to support the concept by a "likes" mouse-click, let alone actually doing any TNR work in real-life, is precisely why TNR is an absolute failure everywhere. And is ALSO why they can never get more than 0.4% of cats sterilized in any community on earth (from my findings by gleaning data from over a hundred supposedly "successful" TNR groups worldwide). I wondered why all but one of hundreds of TNR efforts could never get beyond that odd magical threshold of only 0.4% cats sterilized anywhere. And even then, that one region (Oregon) where they managed to sterilize 4.9% of all cats, was quickly reduced in one year to 0.35% due to the non-sterilized 95.1% breeding beyond their reach yet again. They can NEVER get enough people in any community to do or believe what they do. Not when there's less-than 0.03% of the population to participate and especially not when the other more-than 99.97% of any population on earth can see right through their blatant deceptions and lies.

Anonymous said...

Torturing cats is a precursor to being a serial killer, which then lands you in a profile list.

If the cats were armed with guns and able to shoot, would they shoot you?

If you are true to killing all those cats that you said you shot with your 5 thousand rounds of .22 cal then I hope you get what you deserve.

Dawson said...

Can't wait to hear what "Nature Advocate's" solution is to the problem of human overpopulation of the planet.

Nature Advocate said...

Anonymous moronically and manipulatively spewed, "Torturing cats is a precursor to being a serial killer, which then lands you in a profile list."

According to you and your demented ilk this must be just like all those deeply disturbed serial-killers in the making that are eradicating all those other invasive-species in N. America; like African Cichlids, Nutria, Burmese Pythons, etc., from their lands and lakes. MANY of which are due to criminally negligent pet-owners who let their invasive species pets escape confinement or dumped them on purpose. All those invasive-species are destroyed on-sight BY LAW. In fact it is your civic and moral duty to destroy ANY of them if found away from containment -- no questions asked, none required.

Or how about all those sickos that run animal-shelters, they're nothing but a bunch of child-murdering pedophiles because they have to euthanize animals every day. And every farmer and rancher that has to humanely put down an animal with a gun for your weekend rural-barbecue must be molesting and murdering everything in their county. Those damned sickos! And what about all those people in stockyards murdering all those cattle every day for your McBurgers? I bet they're a hide-out for all the serial-killers that nobody can find! And all those hunters that provide food for their family by hunting, I bet they're the worst of all!

And of course, the ABSOLUTELY WORST, MOST MENTALLY-ILL OF ALL -- all those people that are paying HIRED-KILLERS to murder all those BILLIONS of INNOCENT ANIMALS EVERY YEAR to then cram their tortured dead bodies into cans, boxes, and bags and slap a "CAT FOOD!" label on them for you! A bunch of demented basket cases. They're probably the MOST heinous and notorious serial-killers of all! (on this one I'd agree)

I bet you're onto something!

Like your needing serious psychological help.

Paranoid psychotic much?

You are aware too, aren't you, that out of ALL types of pet-owners on the face of this earth, that cat-owners and cat advocates are directly responsible for the suffering deaths of more animals and more species of animals than any other pet-owners on the planet. Cat-owners are a triple-threat to all animal life on earth. If not having animals killed for their own consumption, then they are having animals killed and crammed into bags and cans and having a "CAT FOOD" label slapped on them for their cat's consumption, and if they let their cats outside then they are senselessly torturing billions of native animals and countless thousands of native species to death yearly just for their cats' play-toys. As well as the countless BILLIONS of offspring of all those animals that are either starved to death or never get born. How many animals are you going to have senselessly killed or tortured today for your entertainment and your purely and wholly self-serving "BUT CATS MAKE ME FEEL GOOD!" values?

Throw some more cats under the wheels of cars or let them lap-up antifreeze in a gutter or let them roam where they will be shot to death, or where they will inevitably die any of the myriad heinous and inhumane ways that every last stray cat eventually dies; then tell us all again how much that "you love cats". Let your invasive-species vermin cats torture thousands of more-valuable native animals to death just for your and your cats' senseless play-toys, no other reason, as all their innocent offspring starve to death from the parents no longer returning to raise them and feed them; then tell us all again how much of an "animal lover" that you truly are.

If all those ways that you kill all your own cats while claiming to "love" them aren't mentally-ill disconnects from reality then there are no other, nor better, examples of it on earth.

Blame cats' Toxoplasma gondii parasites in your brain for permanently hijacking your ability to reason and think like a sensible human anymore, then at least you'll have some other excuse.

Nature Advocate said...

Dawson spewed, "Can't wait to hear what "Nature Advocate's" solution is to the problem of human overpopulation of the planet."

That will probably solve itself just as soon as we have a legal cure for "stupid" -- i.e. allowed to legally destroy every last cat-advocate.

While it is true that overpopulation of humans is the #1 problem that we and all other species face today (humans are a classified as a "weedy species", but they ARE NOT an "invasive species", please educate your sorry-aššed bible-home-schooled selves); this still doesn't excuse all the responsible, wise, and intelligent people from stopping all the ecological disasters caused by those phenomenally stupid and criminally negligent people who should have never been born in the very first place.

Cats are a man-made (through selective breeding) invasive species. And as such, cats being a product of man, are no less of a man-made environmental disaster than any oil-spill, radiation-fallout, chemical-spill, or other environmental disaster _caused_by_man_. These man-made cats are purely an activity of humans and are the #1 man-made cause of destruction to native wildlife everywhere on earth. If there were no humans your man-made cats wouldn't exist ANYWHERE ON EARTH. If they were treated just like every other product made by man that destroys ecosystems and indiscriminately destroys all other animals it would be recalled and destroyed as a dangerous defective man-made product, and the ownership and production of them would be made illegal worldwide with harsh fines for anyone attempting to do so.

Cats are even worse than a multi-continent-sized oil-spill. They not only kill off rare marine-mammals along all coastlines; seals, otters, whales, manatees and river-otters (just as oil-spills do) from run-off from the land carrying cats' Toxoplasma gondii parasites, they also destroy the complete food-chain in every ecosystem where cats are found. From smallest of prey that is gutted and skinned alive, wasted for cats' tortured play-toys, up to the top predators -- starved to death from cats destroying their ONLY foods. (Precisely what cats caused on my own lands not long ago.) They destroy everything that moves. They will even destroy native vegetation by destroying those animals that are pollinators or act as seed dispersers for those plants (as many rodent and bird species do) or those acting as plants' pest-control. Cats can and will wipe out whole ecosystems -- animal and plant.

Cats need to disappear from all natural habitats PERMANENTLY, eventually, somehow. And the sooner the better. They are breeding out of control at an exponential rate. The reason for "sooner the better" is that you can only hope you can halt the problem before it is beyond the reach of any method you eventually choose. Luckily, I caught the problem in time where I live -- by humanely shooting and burying every last cat I saw, hundreds, collared or not. (Collared strays are the very source of every last feral cat. If you don't destroy all stray collared cats too then you have done absolutely nothing to solve the problem.)

It seems nobody else is faring as well. Their time is being wasted by cat-lickers stopping them from doing the right thing. Asking or listening to any deranged invasive-species advocate for advice on how to clean up the ecological disaster that they created and are hellbent on perpetuating is about as useful as asking your local career thieves for their advice and help to hide your valuables from their daily motives and activities. Ignore anything they might say and you too will solve the problem where you live. People like that ARE the problem, they cannot be part of the solution. The very moment that cat-lickers, who cause the problem, are cut from the solution-equation it instantly solves itself.

It worked 100% where I live!

Nature Advocate said...

By the way: In case you or anyone are curious — the term that I use of “cat licker” is justifiably and accurately gleaned from the growing fad of people who are obsessed with cats and want to do everything possible to make themselves feel good at the expense of all that is reasonable and sane. They are now licking their cats clean.

It’s just another one of the many aberrant and mentally-ill behaviors of “cat lickers”.

I cannot, in all good conscience and honesty, EVER use the term “cat lover” again to describe these heartless and spineless cretins. People who love cats do not throw them under the wheels of moving cars, let them lap-up antifreeze in a gutter, being eaten from the inside-out by parasites, or force them to attack one another to fight for territory by letting their cats roam free. If they let cats roam free they are in direct-violation of every last animal-abandonment, animal-neglect, animal-endangerment, invasive-species law, and environmental-protection-act in existence in every county of every state and every nation. And if they force their cats to fight each other for territory (one of the topmost selling-points of TNR), that makes them absolutely NO DIFFERENT than someone who runs a criminal dog-fight-ring to see who wins. It is a highly punishable crime to force *any* domesticated animals to fight each other for their very survival. And if VERY VERY lucky their cats will be humanely shot-to-death or trapped & drowned -- as those are two of the MOST humane deaths that ANY of their cats will ever hope to meet one day -- you are doing a HUGE favor to all cat-lickers, their cats, and all other life on earth by destroying their vermin cats for them as humanely as that.

“Cat Lover” is an extremely oxymoronic label. “Cat Licker” is the only one that accurately works today.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with having a cat in the house. It requires a cat litter box, food and water and a few little cat toys to keep them occupied. They hunt roaches and lizards. Yes, it was a stray cat. It was neutered... One family adopts one cat. Where the rest of the cats going when you don't have a place for them. To all the cat lovers, take them home or get rid of it. Home plus cat. No home minus cat. Real simple mathematics. You want to save the cat, take it home. All this talk and no action = neutral. In the meantime the male cat is soo happy to have a cat harem. He is not going to stop his male thingy. Poor female cats, defenseless against the male cat. Always hapai and giving everybody kittens.

Anonymous said...

Nature Advocate, why don't you go after the real KILLERS on Kauai with your 5K .22 cal rounds.

You a tough guy then why don't you go and kill all the muderers on Kauai that has caused over 20 Unsolved murders.

Tough guy why don't you go after the dirty Kauai syndicate pigs- who ran over and killed the 19 yr old boy like how you probably run over cats.

Why don't you go after the dirty pigs that shot an old man in his roof or the other 19yr kid they assassinated because he was going to rat out the drug dealers and corrupt cops in Koloa.

What say you now???

June 24, 2015 - 11:44 pm | Permalink
By WALLACE TURNER, Special to the New York Times
Published: April 26, 1981
WAILUA BEACH, Hawaii, April 23— The mysterious killings of a California couple whose bullet-riddled bodies were found 150 feet off a jungle hiking trail upcountry from here have set back efforts by state and local officials to reassure tourists about their safety.
The tourist business is the biggest source of income in Hawaii, and it has steadily decreased for about two years. Although the decline may be more a result of rising air fares and economic problems in the continental United States than publicity about tourist mistreatment, political leaders here still feel the heat.
The murder victims were John L. Klein, 28 years old, an Encino, Calif., lawyer, and his wife, Michelle, 25, a writer for Sunkist Groves Inc., in Sherman Oaks, Calif.
Both wore hiking boots. He was shirtless. His wallet, in his walking shorts, was undisturbed. Her purse, contents intact, was in the rented car that they had parked at the beginning of the trail. Police Have No Suspects
They came to this island, Kauai, on March 18 to hike the trails that wind through its beautiful mountains. The police have a witness who believes that he saw them in a bar the night of March 20. Their car was seen parked at the head of Kuilau Trail at 7 A.M. March 21, the day they were to have left the island. They were reported missing March 23 by the management of the apartment they had rented, and a dog with the fire department search and rescue unit found their bodies in the jungle March 25.
Maj. George Costa, chief of detectives in Kauai’s 110-member police force, says that he has no suspects. He believes that the Kleins went up the trail with someone they knew, but he is not certain. He thinks, but is not certain, that they were killed March 21.
”What we need is a witness,” said Detective Albert Kaohi, who has been investigating the Kleins’ deaths. Witnesses, or even confessions, have not always been enough, however, to bring convictions in trials of island defendants accused of attacking tourists. 2 Recent Acquittals
Two cases that received international publicity in 1980 as examples of violence against tourists have ended with acquittals in the last four months.

Anonymous said...

I say shoot the cats first than go after the badguys.

Nature Advocate said...

Red-herring, the favored food of cat-lickers everywhere. They open a sopping dripping can of it every chance they get. When they can't refute the facts about them and their vermin cats they'll even drag in the kitchen sink and politics to sway topics away from their own criminal-negligence and criminal-irresponsibility. And especially when anyone is posting the permanent 100%-solution to them and their vermin cats.

Anonymous said...

Joan, have you visited the north shore dog park? Have you ever noticed or commented on the number of people who have purebred dogs that were brought to the island from the mainland? Yes, some of us had dogs already when we moved here (myself included) and so we brought them, but there are any number of people who pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for the breed of their choice rather than visiting KHS and seeing if they can adopt a dog who needs a home. And at the same time, there are ads on Kauai Buy and Sell for puppies, mixed breeds, up to $700 apiece. Does anyone see a problem here? This is a limited geographic community with a limited number of homes, and limited finances to care for them, while at the same time there are acres and acres of open space that will never be touched by TNR. KHS provides pet food to those people who receive food at the shelter in Hanalei on Fridays so that those people can keep their companions. And oh, cat feral groups who "spay and neuter" their cats, just who is doing that spay or neuter? KHS. Enough already. No one wants to euthanize pets. When someone actually proposes a viable alternative people will listen.

Anonymous said...

No, they wouldn't shoot you, but they would kill you and eat you if they could. A pet cat is 1 thing but feral cats are another. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

Which is why I canceled my subscription....

Anonymous said...

So maybe Jonathan Jay now needs to apologise now also...

Anonymous said...

I ditto that