Friday, July 24, 2015

Musings: In the News

Cats and dogs have been often in the Kauai news lately, what with a possible repeal of the barking dog ordinance, and the feral cat people — and most recently, horse therapist Karin Stoll — cruelly attacking the Kauai Humane Society for performing the unpleasant task of euthanizing unwanted animals. Of course, the critics have no plans of their own for housing all those poor discarded critters....

It's always interesting to place such topics in some sort of context, starting with this historical account of Lihiliho's return to Oahu in the 1820s, as described by Rev. Bingham:

The shouting of the noisy natives, and the voice of the crier demanding hogs, dogs, poi, etc., to be gathered for the reception of his majesty (who was in his cups), formed a combination of the sublime and ludicrous not soon to be forgotten by the missionaries . . . which was now increased by the yelping and crying dogs, tied on poles, and brought in for slaughter.

Meanwhile, Australia is moving forward with an aggressive plan to kill 2 million feral cats by 2020 in order to save endangered native wildlife there. As The Guardian reports:

[Federal environment minister, Greg] Hunt said that all of the states and territories have agreed to list the feral cat as a harmful pest, with the animal targeted through baiting, shooting and poisoning.

Also oft in the local news is the GMO debate, with the House of Representatives voting yesterday to approve HR 1599, which addresses labeling for GMO, non-GMO and natural foods.

Both Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and the mainland-based Center for Food Safety (CFS) used the legislation as an opportunity to raise funds. Both also decried a “lack of transparency,” though Tulsi's emails, while giving constituents three links to sign petitions, failed to provide folks with a link to the bill so they could read it themselves, rather than accepting her interpretation.

And Tulsi, in her floor speech opposing the bill, cited Bill 2491 as an example of a local ordinance that could be pre-empted by the federal measure — without mentioning it had already been overturned by a federal judge because it was pre-empted by state law.

CFS, meanwhile, denounces the bill's sponsor for getting contributions from the Koch brothers, but never does name its own “generous donor” who provided funds to match donations up to $50,000. Because transparency is always for the other guys....

Also in the news has been the topic of repealing term limits for Kauai Councilmembers, with Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr. saying he'd like to see limits repealed for the mayor's office, too. As in he might want to run again, rather than make way for Nadine Nakamura, who is already doing all the mayoral work, aside from the singing.

The prospect of a third term for Bernard is alarming, though still not as alarming as the possible alternative: any term by Dustin Barca.

Lest you have doubts, consider Dustin's recent Instagram post:
Gosh, Kauai's own Dustin Barca, providing the world with irrefutable proof of this international conspiracy. 

I'm so proud.


Anonymous said...

Re Barca and his ilk, I'd love to laugh but it's not funny anymore.....the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

Anonymous said...

Is the Mayor going to run his third term from inside a jail cell? Who does he think he is... Lucky Luciano?

Anonymous said...

I fail to see where Karen Stohls letter was a cruel attack?

Chuck Lasker said...

Ha ha ha that Barca post made my day! To think, he got 30% of the vote. Well, 99% if you believe his fan club's conspiracy theory that the election was rigged.

Anonymous said...

Animals lives are just as important as ours. Just cause they can't speak, doesn't mean they don't have feelings. Check out the pic, it shows how animals relate to humans.

Hugging dogs saved from euthanasia by viral photo

By Doug Criss, CNN

The shelter dogs were set to be put to sleep
Photo goes viral, leading to dogs' placement in foster home

(CNN)Two dogs in a shelter, just hours away from being put to sleep, hugged their way to safety.

The dogs -- Kala and Keira -- were photographed hugging each other in a cage at an unnamed shelter. In the photo, Kala's brown front legs and paws are in a tight embrace around Keira's neck. Both dogs appear pensive and fearful, as if they know what's coming.

Dawson said...

Just when you think Dustin can't be that dumb, he cites one of the obviously doctored "chemtrail instrument panel switch" photos that have been flooding the internet -- see

Not that the truth will change the minds of believers like Barca, but these bogus photos have been thoroughly debunked -- see for example

Robin Clark said...

Just back from Australia. Checking out residency requirements just in case the Barker or Trump gets elected. Interesting article in December 22/29 (2014) issue of the New Yorker: "THE BIG KILL, New Zealand's invasive mammal species." I wish we could hire these guys to take care of the feral cats (and pigs) on this island!

I am touched by @8:19 post and Karen Stohl's letter. Now if everyone on Kauai would just adopt two dogs and twelve cats the entire problem would be solved.

Anonymous said...

@Dawson: Haha, the doctored switch photo in that metabunk URL is even better!

Even if chemtrails were a real thing, how could anyone believe that they're controlled by a switch in the cockpit conspicuously labeled ChemTrails? Off the top of my head, I can think of much better ways to do it that don't also require the complicity/silence of thousands of pilots and maintenance workers.

Andrew Cooper said...

Yeah, the Metabunk original is higher quality, with a clearly Photoshopped label. Yet someone falls for this?

Anonymous said...

No more Bernard Carvalho. Yes to term limits. No to Nadine Nakamura. Enough bullshits. Replace all incumbent department heads including self-serving Furfaro.

Joan Conrow said...

8:04. You don't think it's cruel to claim the ONLY reason for the high euthanasia staff is an unfeeling staff?

Anonymous said...


Karen Stohl is very clear when she writes in her letter "However, I believe this problem is not just about KHS’s Executive Director Penny Cistaro’s policies. Our community has to step up as well and shift our focus from the problems, heading straight into the solutions. Fact is Kauai has too many unwanted cats and dogs and too few available homes for them."

Penny Cistaro's policies to curtail the off island transport of animals wanted on the mainland as well as mothballing the mobile spay and neuter unit along with "misreporting" kill rates have led to avoidable and unnecessary euthanasia and clearly Karen Stohl also acknowledges the problem of too many unwanted animals.

Anonymous said...

Dustin, one of the aloha aina warriors at Mauna Kea, fell for it. lol

Joan Conrow said...

10:34. Yes, I read the letter and she is correct in saying there aren't enough homes. Which is why there's a major dis connect with her accusation that the only reason for the high euthanasia rate is an unfeeling staff.
And please quit blaming Penny for having to deal with the economic realities of KHS. Of course we could always blame you and Karin for causing unnecessary killings because you haven't adopted more animals or worked harder to find them homes. But that wouldn't be fair, now would it?

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness I have some else saying the same thing but wait nearly 75% voted NO on the poll given by TGI to end term limits. 65% in 2006 and now 75% in 2015. You all know that 25% who voted yes are family and friends of county employees and they waiting to get theirs too.

The SHOW is OVA Mayor (the worst mayor is the history of Kauai) go back and cry on TV with your phony cronies. Nepotism does not work. Lazy weed smoking underachieving nonqualified inbreds.

Anonymous said...

Kauai has had euthanasia at KHS since inception. Too many cats and dogs has been part of the island for years. The island has choices, either build an additional 10,000 units at the already deluxe Kipu KHS for the felines or get a larger freezer and incinerator.
The KHS does as best as it can. Underfunded and now facing a donation fiasco, The vilification of Penny is convenient, but misleading. The dream of no-kill is part of a mindset that is unrealistic. No one wants to kill animals. No one wants to deal with the situation. And hats off to Penny and the many workers at KHS. Thank you.
It will be interesting to see how the Council responds to this KHS crises. Will they crucify Penny by withholding funds? hopefully not, but a couple of the smarter Council guys may feel that if they sacrifice Penny, some of the NS mamby pamby crybabies will vote for them.
Our elected officials are aware the demographic of the island changes daily and is tilting toward "new comer" ways. Gone are the days when da Haoles moved here, lived here, loved here, had kids here and shut the f*ck up. Nowadays, these well funded, cool newcomers are letting their voices be heard and their f*cki'n try to change things to what they were back in good ol' Californee. And tho' we is all equal under the law, I am sick of I got here yesterday (so you can't come here tomorrow) Loud cry-f*ckin' babies.
First its Big Ag, now its cats and Council term limits.
Soon the newbies, who have no real concern for the island's economy and only want the island to stay as their personal Eden will venture out and make more demands. Da Hoos, Mason and JoAnn have already staked their political future to this, perhaps 25% of the voters.
What is surprising, is that Ross is gathering more support. And this is a good thing.
Ask yo' own self this. Who really cares about the average Joe-in-the-street, Gary or Ross. Hands down any time one thinks of politicians who care for the people, you think Ross, Mel, the Big Guy, Aryll and Kipikai.

Cancel term limits. Let the voters decide. If the Good Mayor gets elected for the rest of his life- Good. If Mel serves into decrepititude- Good. We need solid guys in government. Nadine is good and so are several others....but let the voters decide.
Just think- What if DA HOOS was Mayor? Ya think his tenure at the Senate was self-serving? Great God in Heaven, if the Big Sloppy Fistee was the man in charge, say Aloha Nui to Big Ag, Aloha No to housing for the folks, aloha fo'evah to all economic diversity.
I say, Thank you Mayor Bernard, Mel, Aryll, Kipikai and are the line between Kauai being Kauai or Kauai becoming some sort of cross mutation of Carmel, Malibu and Rancho Santa Fe.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't Bernard had 2 terms + Baptist's unfinished term? And he still wants more? A bit greedy yah think? Move over big man. Time for some new blood. Just because they're local doesn't mean they make the right decision every time. Aryll is green behind the ears and Kipukai sold out Kānaka for that eyesore solar farm in Anahola and tribal status.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to think that electing the right people to county, state or even national office would actually mean something. Economic diversity would also be nice. But tourism, real estate and the military are pretty much all we've got and it will be that way until the laws of physics slap all of us upside the head.

Anonymous said...

a poll run by GI is about as useful as a tit on a boar

Anonymous said...

Most of the comments ragging on Mayor Carvalho are shooting from the hip but have some truth to them. I left the County because of the incompetence in key positions. The current Mayor values campaign loyalty over the ability to do a good job. He is willing to keep people on or create new positions for them even when time proves that they cannot do a decent job. This points to his retaining Ian Costa after Ian botched it in Planning. He also gave then Deputy Planning Director Imai Aiu a plum housing position, when it was not needed. He kept Ian's brother George in Economic Development even when a lot of people told him that George was not an efficient leader. He replaced Donald Fujimoto as County Engineer, but moved him to a high-paying manager position in Public Works. His campaign manager Lenny Rapozo is the Parks Director. I hear that Lenny plans to run for Mayor after Bernard. If the voters want a continuation of the Carvalho machine, then they will put Lenny in. If they want a change, hopefully they will vote for another candidate (but not nut Barca). If Nadine is crazy enough to run, she would probably be better than Bernard, Lenny or Barca because of her intelligence and independence, but I think that she's too smart for that. She is having such a difficult time because she constantly has to put out fires or work around the incompetence around her. Kauai needs a top notch administrator that can make the hard and right decisions for the island and appoint department heads for their ability to lead, not just campaign flunkies. I agree that Mayor Carvalho is the worst Mayor in the last 20 years, just because of his skewed values. All people will remember about him is that he was the "biggest" Mayor ever!

Anonymous said...

Probably when another hurricane hits. We're about due for one real soon.

But more or likely to happen is the stock market crashes, the dollar loses (already is with inflation) it's value, and we're in the second long depression (25 years-long depression lasted for 30 years and the Great Depression lasted for 11-14 years). Does anybody remember who those times were? I sure don't but we're about to find out real soon.

Anonymous said...

Yes to term limits. 'nuff Bernard. Having you for 10 years were too much and too long. Can't wait to get rid of you. You have not done anything for the people of Kauai except serenading and hiring/promoting your family and friends. When you go, be sure you take with you your do-nothing and good-for-nothing appointees: Furfaro, Rapozos, Nakamura, etc. Please take them with you to obscurity.

Anonymous said...

5:25 Ian Costa was a great Planning Director and is a good Parks Man. Ian got caught in the BS at Planning and took the hit like a man. George Costa is another good man and effective leader. Lenny does a fine job. Remember all of these guys are limited by resources and public perception. These men men have a commitment to Kauai. Hands off these good men.

The worst position the Mayor has appointed is the NEW Planning Director. He has made himself an absolute ruler. In an attempt to "clarify" language he has created nonsensical volumes of legalese BS that the Department thinks an average Joe can understand. And then after complicated questions ALL Planning Dept forms say at the bottom something like "even tho' we are the Kings of planning and have given you answers to simple questions, DO NOT rely on our answers. Spend millions and we can change our mind on whether you can build or not" Mike is only on Kauai while he looks for greatness on Oahu. I hope he finds it. He is killing all chances for elderly or local housing. All chances.
The Planning Commission should be abolished, Mike Dahlig controls every breath they take. Instead of a "community group" these 7 have turned into Mike's little munchkins. Bobble heads who acquiesce to Mike as if he were a Band Leader.
There has never been such a power grab and the island will suffer.
Ian Costa is fair and a good man. Anyone who knows Ian knows he has the island and Kauai's people at heart. He is honest.

Nadine is a one lady dynamo. Smart and effective.

To the victor got the spoils. And if the Good Mayor wants to plug in some people he trusts ...good for him.
AND you would be hard pressed to find smarter people anywhere on Kauai than some of his appointees. IE Larry Dill, Steve Hunt, Nadine, Lenny the list is long. But there is a lot of talent in the upper echelons and there is talent on the Council.
It is the rules and laws that must change. Look we all love the island, so let's get a process in line to get change.
Otherwise we will be ruled by Da Hoos, JoAnn and Mason...who clearly take their marching orders from some real smart wealthy transformers, who do not have clue that Kauai is essentially a community of hard working, mind-your-own business, friendly people. These 3 take advantage of the kindness of Kauai's spirit.

Anonymous said...

Must be Islamic militants responsible for the chem trails. These chem companies need petroleum and you know where there's an abundance of petroleum? Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Where to the Islamic terrorists come from? Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Connect the dots. 2 plus 2 = 4. Also, Monsanto has developed a new product they're going to market as "Uni-Corn". Feed it to your donkey and watch the horn grow!

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats appointing a hair dresser as deputy planning director.

Anonymous said...

Retired Airforce General Hertog would be the right person the right what is wrong with the county of Kauai. If anyone has the experience and knowledge and the intestinal fortitude to accomplish what Kauai is in dire need of (a real leader) against the plantation mentality of the greedy families that has sold out and ran this county to the shit. General Hertog would be the person to balance the budget and make appropriate cuts. Hire the right people who are qualified to accomplish their duties and responsibilities. Make sure that the county is following county, state and federal laws. And just about anything else that the county of Kauai has failed to do since the sloth has taken over as Mayor of Kauai.

Anonymous said...

You should put your name on the comment. Garans the Mayor hire your as a special director to thee mayor (ass wiper) that will pay you 100K a year and you'll be able to spend millions of tax payers dollars in consultants fees to find the best way to wipe his ass.

Anonymous said...

No government department should have "kings" or anyone who even feels like a king.
They should have bureaucrats who are here to serve us and follow the rule of law.
The former kings and queens seem to hate Dahilig the most.
Time to send the insubordinate hairdresser back to policing mullets.

Anonymous said...

Too many nuts for my taste.,

Anonymous said...

No way to Lenny for mayor. We are fucked if that will happen. The people are not stupid.

Anonymous said...

Lenny was one of the worst referees that ever called games on Kauai but if you was from Kapaa he was the greatest referees out there.

Anonymous said...

Clearly Dustin is a big fat liar and an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Politicians rely upon the stupidity of the voting public.

Anonymous said...

The best part of his post it was from a mutual friend whom is a pilot! I used to fly the same plane outside of the big saves for 25 cents.

Anonymous said...

And on Kauai when the majority of the voting public is stupid or let's just say loyal to families then you have a huge current problem that we are seeing today in Kauai's disfunctional government.

Anonymous said...

It's not Kauai. This country elected a B grade actor turned laundry soap salesman and the idiot who, in response to 9-11, attacked the country that had nothing to do with 9-11 to the presidency two times!

Anonymous said...

It was all about greed. We've been getting oil and gas at a great rate so they figured a way to raise their profits.

It's the same way with all the goods and also with the health care, housing, prescription, automobiles, and everything else that their inflating the prices on.

The top 1% want all the money and regress society into the Middle Ages. Lots of talk about how America is heading into the same course Rome did when it collapsed.

The state of Hawaii and the county of Kauai is already showing signs of collapsing. They believe that raising taxes every year is going to solve the star and county's problems but wait soon enough when the stock market crashes and tourism will tank like back in 2006-2010. We will all suffer from the consequences that have been pointed out for many years, putting all our eggs in one basket is not sustainable (counting on tourism) but at least traffic will decrease and so will your income and food supply.

It's not all done and gloom when the federal government goes paperless money (already has 65% don't use cash anymore) then who has all control of your money and its value.

Prepare yourselves and get ready for trying times. History has a habit of repeating itself and its not because of a coincidence or something radom. It happens for a reason.

Anonymous said...

7:07 You must be related. The relatives are the last to know the truth. Ian got dinged because he was doing architectural work for clients that came before the Planning Commission. Big conflict of interest. As for brother George, he has so many part-time jobs, it's a wonder he can juggle all without overlapping and conflicting with his full-time county position. I'm sure he does not cheat the taxpayer when he sells real estate and works at the airport for Securitas (not!). Yes, I agree that Bernard lucked out in getting some good DH's but he can't seem to ditch the obvious losers.

Sorry, would have responded earlier but was on Maui camping. But then again, who reads these anyway!

Anonymous said...

Isn't this what's happening with Kauai's government???

There's been repeating responses that KFD firefighters do the same thing before retirement. Maybe a councilman can answer that question without recusing himself for conflict of interest.

Will the FEDS investigate Kauai???

Sources: Nation's disabled work program mired in corruption, fraud

CNN exclusive: AbilityOne and SourceAmerica are under investigation
AbilityOne program funnels about $3 billion per year of taxpayer money to fund contracts for goods and services
Sources say the agency is allowing jobs to be taken away from disabled people
(CNN)The nation's premier federal program that provides work for people who are severely disabled is mired in widespread corruption, financial fraud and violations of the law, numerous sources tell CNN. And instead of helping the severely disabled find work, the taxpayer-funded agency is at times allowing jobs to be taken away from the disabled, the sources say.

AbilityOne, along with the nonprofit agency that manages its program for the severely disabled, SourceAmerica, are being investigated by authorities for illegal operations, financial fraud, mismanagement, operating in violation of the law, steering of contracts, and possibly obstruction of justice. Several inside sources tell CNN the program is among the worst cases of its type they've ever seen in a federal agency.