Saturday, January 5, 2013

Musings: What's the Matter?

A bright light woke me in the wee hours and I looked out, wondering if one of my neighbors had turned on their floodlights. But no, it was the rising moon — Mahina, a perfect golden half.
Four hours later she is white and high in a bluing sky and the dogs and I are standing beneath her on  a beach that has been washed clean by an agitated sea. Everything is moving fast — the clouds, the water, the flying flecks of foam. Squalls hug the horizon, where boobies are having a field day dive-bombing the wild waves.
The sun, trapped behind a solid block of gray, finally breaks free, casting a rosy, shimmering path upon the frothing sea and then the rain starts moving in, dampening us, chasing us mauka, toward the car and a double rainbow — one thick, one faint — and a flock of ruddy turnstones, careening at sharp angles.

It's all so magnificent, so alive, so vibrant, that I laugh, whoop, say a little gratitude prayer, "Mahalo." There is only joy within me, and delight.

Then I reach the highway and see a tourist couple in an economy compact huddled against the guardrail and two cars flying past them, crossing the double line, horns blaring, the second driver thrusting a fist with stick finger extended out his window, a message apparently intended for the tourists. 

The rainbow is still there, but fading. I wonder if any of them see it. I cling to the joy, but it's fading, too.

“Good grief,” I say to the dogs. “What's the matter with people?”


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with some people?

Chasing the wrong "rainbows".
and losing the bigger "purpose of their life"

Living Life from the paradigm: getting it all for ME and Mine, instead of being in touch with the Divine.....

Dr Shibai

Anonymous said...

So true!

Anonymous said...


It ain't the getting, it's the taking.
So unless you was born and raised married into or hanaied, beat a quick retreat and fix your own broken society!

Anonymous said...

Can somebody please tell KipuKai to not use dead people in his testimony. It is very disrespectful to their families. And Mel. You are not Hawaiian. So shut up and stop speaking on our behalf. Aloha.

Anonymous said...

Aloha? You're kidding, right?

So if KipuKai who is Hawaiian can't speak to your taste and Mel can't say anything then what, only you can talk?

Anonymous said...

So Kollar flew on the county's dime to Tulsi's inauguration. Was that necessary? Where's the outrage?

Joan Conrow said...

I checked with Justin who said "I paid my own way 100%." And although he took vacation time, he continued to work long-distance.

Anonymous said...

Justin paid his own way? Where's the outrage???
Agreed on Mel. Racism and anger disguised as a Hawaiian perspective.